Monday, August 30, 2010

Our Newest Addition

Well the start of school has been a very interesting one for Marc and myself. It had been filled with finding books, attending classes, homework, studying, and lots of being in different rooms as we work. Now all of those things are normal for the start of school but we found ourselves finding a surprise on Tuesday. It started when I found out my "back-ordered" books were actually sitting on the shelf at the bookstore. I grabbed Marc and rushed out to buy the latest books in our book buying spree. As we left we noticed there were two very young kittens under our apartment complex. Now there is a set of cats that lives under there but the kittens are always with an adult cat. These two little ones were all alone and getting to the point it was all skin and bones. We went on to the bookstore and discussed what we would do if we went back and found them still sitting there. Part of the problem with their location is it is right next to the dog park and these little ones wouldn't have stood a chance defending themselves. We still hadn't decided what we were going to do when we got home but we went to see if the kittens were there anyway. I knew from growing up not to touch them unless we were going to take them because our scent would be on them. We walked up and sure enough one little one was still there and meowing quite loudly. We sat there and kept debating and all the sudden this little one was coming out to meet us. All of the sudden this kitten was chasing Marc up and down and back up the sidewalk again. I had warned Marc about not touching the kitten and so he was backing away and yelling for help because he didn't know what to do. I about died of laughter because you would have thought that a bear was chasing Marc and not a harmless kitten. At that point we both got the impression that we needed to take her with us. So off we went with this tiny little thing in our arms to try and make her our own. Trust me the story doesn't end here. :)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Mr. Bighead

In case some of you don't know I have been studying Sign Language in school. After last semester I have learned some valuable information.

#1 - Where you sit in class is CRUCIAL to how well you can see your teacher sign.
#2 - You have to pick a good seat on day 1 because your seat will never EVER change
#3 - You have to like the people who sit at your table because you will "talk" to them a lot!

So being the ridiculous planner that I am, I have been thinking about where I will sit in class for months now. I knew I wanted to sit in the middle because you have the best seat in the house. I also knew that because of my height I didn't want to sit in the front seat because others wouldn't be able to see around me very well. So the first day of class came and I set out to find my seat.

I walked in and found the PERFECT seat. I even had a cool girl that sat at the table with me. I was getting super excited about this semester. Class was getting ready to start in about 5 minutes and things couldn't have looked better. Then Mr. Bighead came in. He asked to sit in front of me and I couldn't exactly say no. I figured I am still a little bit taller and so I should be fine, so I didn't start to stress out just yet. But then class started. This lovely gentleman in front of me not only put his head right in front of my teacher's hands but he wiggles! I have lived with kids but they don't even start to compare to his wiggling. I would shift to the left and then so would he. I would shift to the right.... and then so would he. This went on for an HOUR!!! Let me just say that next week, I will be switching seats. I didn't plan all summer long for Mr. Big-wiggly-head to sit in front of me.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You Know You Are Loved When....

For those of you who know me, you know that I have a special bond with all of my nephews and niece. I have special moments and memories, that I will always hold dear to me. One of those moments is watching Tom and Jerry with Kaelen. This was by far our show and now I can't bear to watch it without him being there, it just isn't the same. Well I decided to break my ban on Tom and Jerry and watch the new movie that came out on 8/24. I watched it and it was fine but that was all it was was fine. It made me miss the times that him and I used to watch it though. I was expressing this concern to Marc and he immediately offered to act like Kaelen for me. Suddenly he was meowing and pointing and the screen and trying to cuddle up next to me. How many husbands are there that offer to meow like a two-year-old just to make their wife feel better? Mine sure as heck does!!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Organ Party

Marc and I have both become organ donors. So because I am a dork, we had to have a party for getting the cards in the mail. Well party/FHE for the week :) So we started off the night by going out and buying food, a.k.a. grocery shopping for the essentials. Then we came home and had a four star dinner, a.k.a. Marc cooking dinner. Then we had a fabulous time signing the documents needed and then swapping thme with each other. We have had a 1-2-3 countdown as we put the stickers on our driver's licenses. It was such a fun silly date for the two of us to go on! We laughed and joked around and it was a fabulous night. So if you plan on becoming an organ donor then make sure you have an organ donor party! We even had heart shaped ice cubes in our drink that night. We figured it was fitting!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

So Let Us Just Pretend

Okay so I have been planning this blog post for about a month but the problem is that I know myself too well and know that it will never actually happen the way I had planned so here is the "use-your-imagination" version. I was very fortunate to get my sister's camera when she received a new one at my brother's wedding. I brought it home and was super excited about taking pictures. In fact we had a perfect sunset one night and I rushed outside to take pictures of it before the sky started spitting on me. Anyway, I also thought I should start documenting "real-life" a little bit more, but of course hadn't told Marc my new decision.

Marc has a meeting every night on Wednesdays and so he gets all dressed up in Sunday clothes. As he walked back into our room from his meeting I quickly started taking pictures of him. I got about 2-3 and he had decided he had had enough. So he begged and pleaded for me to stop taking pictures. I apparently wasn't very good about listening because the night ended with him hiding under a blanket to stop me from taking pictures. This of course just made me take a picture of the ridiculous predicament that he had put himself in.

Now I had planned to post the pictures that had lead up to this night but that would require me being on top of it and taking the pictures off the camera. Well I am less than on top of it between two jobs and getting ready for school and trying to be a wife and so many other things. So instead I would like you to use your imagination and pretend you see a gorgeous sunset, followed by Marc looking dashing in his Sunday clothes, followed by him hiding under a red striped blanket. THANKS!! Or if you don't want to imagine it.... then I will never know the difference :)

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Watch What You Say!!

Marc and I have found that we are not very fond of drivers in our area. I have been honked at for not running red lights, almost run over by people blowing through stop signs, etc. Anyway, on our way to church there was a car behind us as we pulled up to a flashing stoplight. Marc had barely stopped the car when the car behind us honked. I about flipped! So this lead to a "we hate these kind of drivers!" talks. We went to Sacrament meeting and it was still bothering me. Marc went out into the lobby and one of the new members followed him out to talk. He went on to say that he had recognized our car and had honked to say hello this morning before church. Marc then had to confess that we had been ranting about bad drivers. I guess I will have to watch what I say more carefully! OOPS!!!