Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Life Brings

So this post is at least a week overdue but I figure better late than never. These last few months have been a period of change and more change and finding what is best for our little family. When we moved from Tempe to Prescott we knew that it was a temporary move we just thought we had different things in store for our future. When we had moved I had applied to work for the State Department and had made it fairly far along in the process. I was trying to prepare us for every move in every location if we did get hired on. I knew that my wardrobe wouldn't be fit for a summer in Guatemala or a winter in Russia let alone anywhere in between. But one day we received notice that I was no longer being considered for the position without any real reason why. It was a hard day and a few tears were shed but I put my faith in the Lord that he had a new plan for us and he has definitely delivered.

Marc started working for a company that had stationed him up in Flagstaff. Since we really didn't know where we were going we took the job and the day that Marc was to start the contract fell through. We were in a period where we were employed and yet no money was coming in because Marc wasn't working. This company finally found another contract for him, again in Flagstaff, and he started working again. Marc started looking for other work up in Flagstaff and started working part-time at Subway again. At one point he had two other job offers as well but we felt good with the ones he had taken. This meant he was up in Flagstaff full-time and my brother very graciously allowed Marc to stay up there with them during that time.

At this point it was being discussed that Flagstaff would become our new home but I still needed to find a job first. My perfect job opened up at the City, to become a Librarian again. I applied but figured that lots of people would be applying. I kept checking the website and could only tell that I hadn't been cut yet and there was still a chance of me getting the job. Then they called me for an interview. I was ecstatic!!! I went through the interview and felt good as I drove back to Prescott. Within 24 hours I had the job and was going to be moving to Flagstaff in less than 2 weeks to start work. At this point, I had no doubt that this is where the Lord intended us to be, especially knowing how fast everything was moving for both Marc and myself.

As a family we had discussed and decided that switching homes between my brother and myself might be the best move for everyone. I needed to return to Flagstaff to finish up school and he needed to move back to Prescott to finish up schooling as well. This is a move that we look forward to and hope it will be good for everyone involved.

But until the move happens Marc and I are taking an extended stay vacation. We really didn't do anything for our anniversary and so I am using this as an excuse to do something for our anniversary. We have been staying at a hotel for this vacation and are so grateful to be under the same roof again. It has been so much fun and we just laugh all the time. What a great little adventure for our family and how grateful we are for the family we have and for the blessings we receive. We are happy and blessed and so in love. We will keep you posted on what is next for our little family of three.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Girl's Night Out

When Marc and I moved to Prescott one of our goals was to find some awesome friends that we could both get along with, luckily we found those friends in our FHE crew. I keep calling us the Young Single Adults but we are all married so that doesn't work so I either call them the FHE crew or the YMCA (Young Married Christian or Crazy or Confused or who knows Adults). Anyway, over the last several months we have gotten to know and love several of the couples in our ward and have really enjoyed our time with them. Yesterday we decided to have a Girl's Night Out because I hadn't seen the movie Tangled and I think the girls needed an excuse to leave the boys at home! It ended up being 3 out of the 4 girls, we missed having Jessica there! And then we had two of the four husbands playing computer games in the next room over. I think the boys had fun being locked in the computer room and playing games and I know the girls had fun watching the movie (I loved it!!!!) and then just chatting after the movie. I had forgotten how nice it can be to just be silly girls and talk about everything from schooling to contacts to husbands to histories to frustrations to goals and everything in between. I am really going to miss seeing the FHE group every week but I am so grateful to have had the chance to get to know each of them and to have them be a part of our lives.

With each of the couples it took me a long time to feel like I had a spot in the group. In some ways I felt like I was undeserving of their friendships. In our group we have the perfect one, the one with the devoted career and and clear direction and then we have the brainiac and that is just the girls of the group! Trust me the boys are equally as amazing! But as I got to know each one better I found things in each of them that I came to love and adore. I have found comfort in talking to each of them and know that between the three of them there isn't a problem in the world they couldn't solve. I have come to truly value their opinions and their friendship. I have come to know them as real individuals and not just as the labels posted above. I have been blessed by their friendship and I couldn't thank them enough, but thank you girls for the night out and everything else you have done for Marc and me! We will have to keep in touch!!!