Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Holidays

So I realize it is February now and I am just getting around to the "Holidays" but such is life! Our holidays were amazing and we loved being able to be around family and loved ones. We did miss getting to see Marc's family for Christmas but it was definitely a great first one for us. For part of our Christmas present my parents bought us a Christmas tree. We found one at Goodwill that was exactly what I was looking for and cheap! It was a full, 7 feet tree that came apart for easy storage. So our first Christmas tree was bought for $15 and my Dad bought us some cute ornaments so that it wouldn't be an empty tree. Of course by the time Marc and I could actually put up our first tree together it was after New Years so we decided we were just going to celebrate our Christmas with the Armenians. We put up our tree and instantly found problems, we didn't have enough lights to cover our tree. So we ran to Wal-Mart but we were too hopeful because by January 5th they shouldn't have a whole lot of Christmas decorations still up. We did find lights that were 100 count for 62 cents. It was a great deal and we even bought a tree topper that was on sale from $10 to $2.50. I had bought some other ornaments for our tree as well because I was afraid that Kiara was going to break all of the ones that my parents had bought us and so we bought some shatter-proof round ornaments. We got back to decorating the tree and found out that Kiara really liked to eat the tinsel. We also discovered that our cool round ornaments were lacking some sort of hanger and so being ornery I set the whole package on the tree. Needless to say those ornaments didn't last very long but was definitely fun to decorate our tree. Here are some fun pictures of our tree decorating!

Mikkel next to our tree to show how tall it is!

Marc's favorite Christmas tree topper:

Our real Christmas tree topper:

Our packages of ornaments on the tree:

An ornament I made for our tree. I made several of these and bells too!

The reason the tree finally came down!