Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Christmas for my Birthday

I am a huge fan of Christmas and would probably celebrate it monthly if it were socially acceptable to. I love the lights and the sounds and the feelings of Christmas. Christmas just feels like a time when anything could happen. I love the way people start to treat their fellow man and I love that it is a chance to celebrate our Savior.

I became very excited this year when I received a package in the mail about the same time as my birthday. I will have you know that in my ability to mature I have never lost that childish joy of finding that you have mail in your name. This holds especially true when it is not a bill or voter registration or boring big people mail. So anyway, as I opened the package I found out that it was a belated Christmas present from my in-laws. It is the cutest countdown tree and I instantly fell in love with it. In fact I am now super excited for Christmas and the new ability I will have to be able to countdown to my favorite holiday. In fact my Mom gave it to me and I opened it while waiting at a stop light with my Mom in the car behind me. I was so excited when I opened it that I was holding it up and trying to show her through my back window. I am sure the rest of the world thought I was a big dork! But now I am super excited to hang it up in our apartment. Poor Marc will have to put up with us decorating like the day after Thanksgiving but I am sure he will survive. I must say that Christmas tree came at an amazing time and I am so thankful for my belated Christmas present! It made both my Birthday and my Christmas this year.


So I realized today that I am slightly behind the times. This isn't uncommon in my life as I am usually behind in the latest fashion trends, hairdos, etc. But nonetheless I realized today that what I was behind on was the fact that I am now a Mrs. I got an email today that said "Mrs. Chrissy". Normally, I would have scoffed at being a Mrs. and said that I am a Miss because I am not old enough to be a Mrs. But as I typed this I realized that in fact 3 months ago I was married...which clearly makes me a Mrs. Now if only I could keep up with the events in my life and the implications they have! :)