Sunday, March 22, 2009

I'm engaged!!!

So Thursday was my 6th month anniversary. Marc came and picked me up from work and we went to Olive Garden. We ate dinner! Then we left and all of the activities that we were going to do had kinda fallen through. Like we were going to go skiing but then it was going to rain and we were going to go ice skating but couldn’t because it was too late. Anyway, so we debated forever about what we were going to do and I decided that we were at the theatre so we should see what was playing and then if nothing was playing then we would go bowling. I convinced Marc to see Confessions of a Shopaholic with me and it was a total chick-flick. Anyway, so we were sitting there and he was holding my right hand which has my CTR ring on my ring finger. He made some comment about it hurting his hand and so he took it off and it got put on my ring finger of my left hand. He started talking about how much he liked that look and what I would say if he proposed. He decided that after the movie we were going ring shopping. I told him that we weren’t going ring shopping and that everything would be closed. He didn’t believe me. As we drove towards home he took this retarded route. I asked him what he was doing and he responded that we were just driving around. I was like okay, whatever. So we ended up at the high school and we just sat and talked. Then Marc wanted to dance with me and so I was like okay. So we went and danced in the parking lot. Then he told me that he needed to check the field for Eric to see if it was ready to train on yet. That morning I had been talking to Eric and I knew he wanted to start training and so I agreed without hesitation. We started walking down and we were just talking and whatever. We get to the middle and he turns and looks at me and I still don’t catch on that something is happening. And then he turns and looks at me and I was like, “Oh my gosh!” He knelt down and I of course stated the obvious and was like, “You are kneeling down, you are kneeling down!” He then asked me to marry him and I said, “You are still kneeling, stand up!” He did and I told him I would marry him and I hugged and kissed him. We are planning on getting married September 19th in the Mesa Temple. I am so excited!! I know that I have prayed and fasted about it and I know we are young but this is right and I can't argue that.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Ashlee's Birthday!!

So I have to thank Ashlee for having her birthday yesterday. It was fun to go tag her car and visit her last night. She is such an awesome person! I am so grateful for knowing her. Thank you Ashlee for being the amazing person you are. We all love you!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Town Meetings

I got the opportunity to attend a town meeting tonight. It was quite the experience. After 4 hours and only 4 items of business discussed... I was about ready to go home. Too bad the item I wanted to vote on was number 5. I must say that it was very nice of the town to schedule in some time that would be appropriate for me to do my homework and allow Melissa free entertainment. She had fun turning my ballot into a paper airplane and drawing smiley faces. I had so much fun being ornery with her and having a Gilmore Girls Town Meeting with her. It was fun to spend some time with her. Thanks for making it memorable Melissa!

Oh and the best news... our road got accepted!!!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Talking with Becca

Working in nursery has been a challenge on days. Melissa has being coming in and helping with the first hour and Becca has been coming in and helping for the second. I appreciate that more than they will ever know! Seriously, some days it is the biggest service they could possibly do for me. Anyway, today was really nice. The kids were amazing and it went really smoothly. The second hour was spent with me getting a chance to catch back up with Becca. It was so nice to just sit and chat with her and get to see the world from her point of view. I felt like talking to her reminded me of the lessons that I have learned in life. I have had to learn to rely on the Lord and to trust him in all things. I can honestly say that I hate walking into any situation blind and sometimes I feel like I walk that way a lot in life. However, it makes it nice to know that he knows what waits for me on the other side of whatever challenges I face. I am so grateful for the testimony I have and the growth that I have been able to make. I wouldn’t change the challenges that I have had. I know that I didn’t enjoy them at the time but I am grateful for the person that I became after the fact. I know that I am a different person and that I will continue to change. I hope that one day I will be the type of person that I am supposed to be. I want to be someone’s Sister Bunker or Sister Calhoun. I want to be the next Sally Kildoo of the world or Sister Skousen. I know that everyone back east is wondering who these people are but they are some of the people who have made me who I am today. There are so many people who have impacted my life but these women come to mind. Oh and you can’t forget Smokey or Brother Blackmore. I would most definitely not be who I am without them. But after talking with Becca today it struck me that maybe one day I will have the capacity to touch people and not even know I am doing it. I doubt that these people know how much they touched me.

Teen Summer Program

The library is going to be starting our Summer Reading Program here pretty soon and I am really excited about it. I love the people I work with and it will be fun to work so closely with them on something this big. However, this year will be a little different. This year we are going to do a Teen segment into our program. I would be in charge of it and I am very, very excited!!
I have felt that since I have moved here that the Lord has really allowed me to use my talents to help other people. I feel like this is one more way for him to do this. I am excited for this opportunity to grow and be the person he wants me to be.

Walt Disney World

Chris was able to come home and it has been really nice having him back. He came home on a Friday and we spent Saturday doing Christmas. It was fun being able to watch the kids open their presents and it was fun getting to see them be so very excited to have Chris home. They found out that the next day we were going to be flying to Florida to spend the week at Disney World. I was so excited to go!! Kaelen and I had to share a suitcase and I was a little nervous. Anyone who has ever seen me pack knows that I pack way more than necessary and need like 3 suitcases by myself! So I packed everything I would need and then packed all of Kaelen’s things. I was really excited when I found out that I only used between 1/4 to maybe 1/3 of the suitcase. I was ecstatic!! My section is the one on the right.

The week was a lot of fun and I am so glad that I went. We did get food poisoning twice and that was not so much fun. But it was fun getting to make some special memories with the kids. I think my favorite is when the kids and I went to the Fantasmic show by ourselves. That was one very stressful night. But it was our favorite show. I got to see a lot of fun characters. I even took pictures with some of them. Marc didn’t like that I kissed the Genie and Tigger. The Genie was amazing to watch and Melis and I took notes about how to become more ornery.

While I was there I got to eat some amazing food that I wouldn’t have tried anywhere else. It was nice to step out of my comfort zone and try new things. Don’t tell Chris I said that!
Thanks Melis and Chris for allowing me to be a part of your family. I love you guys so much!!!