Thursday, December 30, 2010


The Lord has apparently decided that I needed a lesson in humility. I have never been very good about asking for help. I hate feeling like I am incapable of success by myself. However, I have been blessed to have some amazing people around me that not only help me, even when I don't ask for it, but they do it in a manner that doesn't make me feel like I have failed but rather that we have succeeded.

I was able to ask my family and friends to come and help me move and not only did they come but they were SUPER fast. I was able to ask for support when I lost the job that was going to be basically handed to me. I was able to ask for help when my car broke down in the middle of the road. I was blessed to have a stranger be able to push me to safety until my parents could arrive. I was blessed to be able to borrow a car for Marc to get to work in when his was in the shop. I was blessed to be able to call on members of the ward when I got a car stuck coming into the driveway in the snow.

All of those blessings were able to happen because the Lord has given me the opportunity to learn humility. But if I say I have learned my lesson, can we stop being put in these situations?

I shouldn't whine today with the car I realized how prepared the Lord had had us be. The boys had been asked to shovel the driveway this morning and they were out there for a long time and had made some good progress when both shovels broke and it required a trip out to go buy new ones. off the family went and they returned with two shovels. The driveway wasn't able to be finished due to the setting sun but a car should have been able to make it up the driveway and it did several times. But when I got the car stuck coming back in those shovels came in handy as did the cat litter for traction. But most of all loving members of the ward (who had already rescued several others today including the Stake President) who came and pushed us out. They even offered to come and tractor out the rest of the snow tomorrow. I must say each time I have to call an admit that I don't have the answer or the resources to save myself it is getting easier but I am hoping the Lord decides I have learned the lesson and I can start standing on my own two feet again.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Our 2-year-old

I think one reason that I love Kiara as much as I do is because she reminds me so much of my nephew Kaelen. They both are two peas in a pod and it has been nice having her around. But lately she has hit the "terrible two" stage. Since being declawed she has been very upset that there are certain things she can't do all by herself. She used to climb up our legs and now she stands up and paws them but heaven forbid you pick her up like she wants because then she is annoyed that she couldn't do it by herself. She is very independent and very two at the moment. I was talking about that with my aunt tonight right before bedtime. I had grabbed my laptop and was hoping Kiara would follow me downstairs but if not then I would come back up and grab her. Instead of her following me she followed my aunt to her room. I came back up and went to go pick her up and she ran to the corner and laid down as if to tell me that I couldn't pick her up is she was one with the carpet. I laughed and pointed out that once again she is two because she is fighting bedtime. Any other time in the day she would have scurried downstairs after me but she knows our routine and tried to get out of it. What a silly kitty!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Adventure Begins

So it is official, we have moved out and are even starting to be moved in again. One of the things we had decided was that with this move Kiara was going to get declawed. She had this awful habit of using your legs as climbing poles and it was a habit that really did need to stop. But I also wanted her to be declawed for when we have children one day and when she is still little it is better to do it then when the cat is older. So off Marc took her to the vet and they kept her a few days to make sure she was healing properly, etc. I got to bring her home a few days later and they told me she was healing fast and well and that I should just try not to let her jump from too high up or let her bite her feet. I figured this would be a peace of cake and the afternoon proved me right but by night time you could tell her feet were bothering her and she wouldn't stop chewing on them. It got to the point that I was following her around the living room and knew that there would be no sleep for me that night. Well Aunt Gerry and I started to brain storm how to fix this problem because we couldn't have anything on her feet that she could get hurt by when she chewed it off. We tried new born socks and within one flick of her paw it was off. Plan B was to try newborn footie pajamas and let me tell you they don't sell those in cat sizes but is you were wondering Kiara is the same size as a 0-3 month old. She really must be our "first child" because we have bought her clothes! Anyway the pajamas didn't work because she could climb out of the neckhole. So plan C was to try socks for children just a little bit older and tape them on. This last all of 5 seconds at the most but it definitely earned the most comical award for the night. Kiara tried to shake all 4 paws simultaneously to get the socks off as she walked and I wished I could have filmed it. Anyway from there we were able to wrap her feet and the back two paws stayed covered all night long. The next day I made Marc take her back to the vet and they coned her. Luckily she is off the cone now and her feet are healing well, when she leaves them alone. But she should be all healed up soon!!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Post-it Notes

For those of you who don't know I have an obsession with post-it notes. I love to write myself reminders and stick them everywhere. Last semester Melissa would make fun of the post-it notes that covered my computer. In fact for Christmas, she bought be post-it notes and I love them so much that I covet them and don't use them as often because I wanted them to be used for the best possible purpose and I just might have found that. I was in a different Institute class the other day and I was blown away at all the details our instructor could tell us about each of the men in the Doctrine and Covenants. I soon realized why after looking at his scriptures, he had post-it notes with facts about each man. I was amazed at the amount of time and the details he had found about these men. I am totally going to be a copy-cat and am going to steal this idea. So we can look forward to finding post-it notes in my scriptures soon!!!