Saturday, September 28, 2013

Waiting for Normal

I have finally admitted to myself why I haven't been able to blog for months and it is because I am waiting for our lives to get back to normal.  I was waiting for the school semester to be over and for Christmas Break to come and then Marc dropped the bombshell about the military.  I kept waiting for that to pass but it never did and after months and months of research we found a branch and a jobs that we liked and would fit our family.  But then I was waiting for a ship out date for BMT (it still hasn't come).  Then I was waiting until I had graduated again and our lives would slow down.  Then I was waiting until the kiddos came this summer and then I was waiting until the kiddos left this summer.  Then I was waiting for employment options to change and still waiting for the military.  First it was waiting for MEPS, then DLAB, and then October 1st.

But in all that time of waiting for some sense of normal and some sense of having a plan for the future our lives were still happening and I wasn't documenting it.  I have a few posts about Marc written up, things that made me smile or laugh.  But most of it will go undocumented and that is a shame.  I think our future is going to be filled with times that aren't normal or maybe that is the new norm for us and I want to write through those times, even when I don't have answers or plans.

Marc is doing really well.  He had a rough summer of mostly veggies and is finally back to eating somewhat normal.  My twig of a husband was declared "overweight" by military standards because he has too much muscle.  He had to lose 10 pounds and quick!  He has lost the weight and now works on just maintaining his weight.  He has recently started working construction and that means 16-17 hour days for him.  He is so cheerful regardless of the sleep he gets and dinner time has become very important.  He gets off of work about the same time I do, so we eat together and then he heads off to bed.  I try to work on the house or get things done while he sleeps but I also try to be as quiet as a church-mouse.  It is an interesting combo.  Marc has gotten a few new cuts and bruises from his work but he seems excited about his day again and I get to hear all about it.  IT IS FABULOUS!  We still don't know when he will leave for BMT but it is looking like after Christmas at this point.  We just keep being patient and know that there is timing in all things.  It will all work out like it should.  However, it makes planning things really difficult because we have no idea what will happen or when. Oh well!

This summer was awesome.  We spent every possible minute in Chino with the kiddos and Melis.  We did all sorts of fun things but also just enjoyed time together.  Melissa and I worked on some family history stuff, the kiddos showed me their cool tricks on the trampoline, we vegged, we played.  It was incredible and went by way too fast!  I definitely had withdrawals when they left but they are off on a new adventure now.

In other news, the rumor mill spread word that we had moved this summer.  Though we hadn't moved at all.  This has made "coming back" a little hard because several people had their feelings hurt that we didn't tell them we had moved.  But again, we hadn't moved.  No one seems to get that second part and we are working on getting back into the groove of things with our ward.  It will all work out.  I did learn that if you want to be released then you just fake move and it all works out!  A cool trick that I didn't know before.

We were also able to make one final trip to Utah before Eric left for the MTC.  It was a really nice couple of days and it was great to see the Dennis' again.  I got to participate in the very famous crochet games and I even won!  It was awesome to let Marc and Eric have some time together.  The two would stay up late and hang out every minute that they possibly could.  We got to go on a double date with Eric and the best part of the trip was going to the SLC Temple as a family.  That was an amazing experience that I will never forget.

I am doing good.  I have found some hiccups along the road to becoming an interpreter but I am still as tenacious as ever and haven't given up just yet.  This system definitely messed with the wrong girl!  I have finally been able to work out for the first time in 3+ years.  It has been hard coming back but it is so cool to feel muscles growing again and to be sore in a good way.  Occasionally I have to be careful with my workouts and I definitely listen to my body but it feels so good to be active again.  Marc has been right there by my side and we struggle through these workouts together.  Today was day 27 for me and I am definitely getting there.  I have lost a few pounds and a few inches already and as time continues I hope to see those numbers rise or drop depending on how you look at it.

The animals are all good.  In preparation for a military life we found Tucker a new home.  It wasn't fair to him to move it that often and he wouldn't have gotten the love and attention from Marc that he deserved.  It was a hard decision but it was right.  The dogs are currently at my parents house and have been for a few months now.  Mikkel really wanted another dog after Rowdy died but with him leaving for college in two years it just didn't make sense.  So he has ours for however long he wants them and then they can come back eventually.  The kitties are happy and don't even seem to notice not having the dogs around.  We are a happy little bunch.

Okay, so I will try to blog on a more "normal" basis but things are definitely not normal around here.  However, I don't want our lives to go on without being documented again.  I don 't want to lose the memories.  Wish me luck!