Friday, March 5, 2010

New Best Friend

I had a really spiritual experience the other day. I am currently taking a Hymns class at Institute and I am LOVING it. I get so excited to go to class and learn new facts. As we were studying a set of hymns the other day a line stuck out to me. It said, "God makes our day." This sentence made me so excited. My sister and I do this silly thing where when someone makes our day or does something that we just love we tell them they are our new best friend. Now imagine shocked looks of completely strangers as we tell them this. Well when I read that line I thought about how I have never thought of God as being able to be "my new best friend" and yet that is exactly what he is. I was so touched and humbled by that line and knew that God has gone out of his way to make my day on many occasions. Many people in my life have been instruments in God's hands as they make my day or touch my heart.