Thursday, October 16, 2008

Missing Mowing

The last couple of years I have had the opportunity to help my Dad do the yardwork around our house in Chino. We have done quite a few projects and spent countless hours working out there. I know one summer we spent a lot of time moving railroad ties to make sure that our house was ready for the next time it flooded. These projects allowed for my Dad and I to have a lot of time to talk and I really enjoyed these times. I guess that my family spent the last week working out in the yard and getting it ready. They moved a lot of trees and mowed and just spent a lot of time outside together. When I was hearing my Dad talk about them working out in the yard, I got instantly homesick. I realized how much I miss those little things that you never ever think you will miss. I found myself laughing that I miss mowing the yard. I realized that most of all I miss the time that would have been spent with my family and all of the memories that would have been created. I am so grateful for my family and all of the memories that I have and all the many more that will be created soon.