Saturday, September 11, 2010

No More Lost Sleep...

For you at least :)

Here are the pictures I had you image the other day:

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Our First Broken Dish

This is our first broken dish. The other dishes had it taken out for misbehaving apparently. Another mug fell into the sink right on top of this glass and this is the final result.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Kiara has a fedish with trying to walk on our laptops. I am constantly taking her off of them! She also seems to like to play queen of the remote as she balances perfectly on it. It really is adorable.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Your Worst Nightmare

When we first got Kiara she slept all the time which is fairly normal with small kittens but as we fed her and took care of her she started to act bigger. She was crawling around and trying to play with us and even using the litter box on her own! One day however, she wasn't acting like that again. She had slept through the night but was still sleeping when we got up. We figured she needed to eat and so we started poking at her. She would kind of open her eyes up at us and then go back to sleep. She seemed really lethargic. Marc called the vet because he was concerned about her. They advised us to bring her in but I needed a second opinion. I called my Dad and he said it wouldn't hurt to go get her checked out. We started getting things together to leave and by the time we left Kiara didn't even have enough strength to stand and was having a hard time even keeping her head up. We laid her on the bed to put our shoes on and she laid on her side and started spinning herself in circles but it was almost as if she was seizing. We rushed right over and they took her to the back without even making it through a nurse check up. The next thing we knew they were telling us it didn't look good and they were going to need to take some blood samples to see what was wrong. When we brought her in her pulse was low, her temperature was low, her glucose levels weren't even on the chart, and the grim faces just kept coming. We ended up having to leave her there while they tried to get her better. They called to let us know they were able to get an IV in her as well as a catheter. When we got her back they were able to get her heart rate back up, as well as her temperature. They found out she didn't have AIDS or Leukemia. He blood sugar levels were a little low and so they gave us a sugar substance to give her if she started acting suspicious again. We brought her home and were so grateful to have her back. But can I tell you she looked so pitiful with her bandages on her legs. She also didn't have the greatest stability when she came home. She would shake and then just fall over on her side. It made us so sad to see her this way and yet so grateful to even have her still alive and in our lives. We have only had her a short while and yet she feels like part of our family now. Marc and I will have to trade off staying up through the night with her so she can be fed every hour until she recovers completely. So if we seem a little grouchy or sleep deprived we know who to blame now.

Friday, September 3, 2010

It starts....

When we went to go see the vet one of the things they gave us was a blanket for her and she fell in love with the thing. She burrows herself inside and just keeps digging deeper each time she goes in. Anyway, like all things with little ones, eventually it needed to be washed. I didn't think this would be a huge deal because we only needed a replacement while it was in the washer and the dryer and she would be sleeping most of that time anyway. I wrapped her in a red blanket and boy could she tell the difference. Instead of sleeping well like she normally does, she was up about every 15 minutes trying to get comfortable and trying to readjust and you could just tell she wasn't sleeping as well. As soon as I could I brought in her blanket and she instantaneously crashed and was out like a light! Apparently our kitten has her own blanket and doesn't like sleeping with anything else. My kitten has a bear b.

Another story, Marc has been rather entertaining to watch since bringing this little one into our lives. He has turned into the biggest protector I have ever seen in my life. You would have thought I have never been around cats the way that boy gives me advice about her. But in other ways he has turned into the biggest softy. One day he was having her stretch her legs and explore around the apartment and so he crawled around right with her showing her things and talking to her. Let me tell you that no other cat has ever been loved as much as this little one. She is pretty spoiled rotten.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome to Parenthood

Our little kitten was little enough that she had to be bottle-fed but lo and behold our kitten doesn't like bottles. So the first night we were using an eye dropper to feed her. The next day we were able to go and get her examined by a vet for free and took full advantage of that. We found out she was about 3 to 4 weeks old and only weighed 188 grams which is equivalent to .4 lbs. She is absolutely tiny!!! We were given a clean bill of health and to just continue what we were doing with her. She did say that at this point this kitten would be just like a new born baby. We were going to have to be up every few hours at night with her and take special care of this little one.

At this point we decided that she needed to have a name. Marc wanted to name her Abby and I wanted to give her a Disney name and so my choice was Kiara from the Lion King 2. She had the personality of a Kiara but looked like an Abby. As Marc and I debated he came to like the name Kiara and I came to like the name Abby. After much deliberation we came to the conclusion of Kiara. Here is a picture of our newest little bundle of joy.