Tuesday, April 22, 2014

No Good Deed....

Goes Unpunished!!!

So I have disappeared for a bit... again.  It is a little hard to want to write when I spend my days writing about my day to Marc in letters.  I feel like that is journal enough and not everyone needs to hear about my everyday life.  It is quite thrilling and is filled with working, working out, and maybe a funny cat story.  My life is certainly fascinating!  However, I will have to post about working out though because I have some pretty fantastic news about that but it will have to wait until I get my newest test results next week.

So while Marc has been away at BMT (bootcamp), I have thrown myself into various projects to keep from going crazy.  This may or may not have been a successful adventure.  Anyway, one of my projects was being the best Air Force wife ever!  Not only was I going to write my husband every day but I would find those that were struggling and send them lovely words of encouragement.  I was able to get names through a Facebook group and Marc even sent me a list of guys he thought could use some encouragement.  Most of the names on the list were simply last names and I had to do some recon work to find first names.  I was only successful with a few.  One of the first names I found was Kortney.  I thought I immediately knew why this lovely lass would need some encouragement because being the only girl would be really tough!  I wrote this lovely phrase, "There aren't very many women brave enough to face that and I admire you for it."  Not only did I send an encouraging letter but I went above and beyond and recruited Melissa's family as well.  This girl was going to get 6 letters encouraging her on in her BMT experience.  I have been a little excited at just how supportive I was as an Air Force wife.  I was rocking it!

Tonight Marc got to call home and it was a short 10 minutes and then he was gone.  However, I will get to see him next week.  I was reading through the comments on the Facebook page to see how other phone calls had gone.  I was more than a little stunned to see that a mom wrote about how wonderful her conversation had been with her son and how proud she was of him.  This SON happened to be Kortney.  Yep..... I about crawled under a rock and died.  Thankfully, only my letter had arrived and I was able to cancel Melissa's letters before they could cause any real damage.  I will be writing an apology letter tonight and hopefully I will be able to get this permanent red coloring off of my face soon.  Yeah.... no good deed!