Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our First Death

I am not sure whether I find this post to be morbid, sad, or just down right funny but I am pretty sure it is the last one. Kiara was very excited to find her first best friend the other day but sadly enough he was a gnat. But Kiara thankfully wasn't biased by their differences in looks or backgrounds or even languages. So Kiara played and played with this poor gnat for a very, very long time. She would play tag with the gnat and try to give the gnat a close up view of her teeth as she tried to eat it but she had the greatest time with this gnat. I am sure the gnat was having panic attacks and trying to run away from her but she seemed oblivious to the turmoil she was causing and continued to enjoy her play time. That is until she actual tagged him against the glass. The poor thing stuck to the bottom of her foot and in her attempt to find him again she re-stuck him to the window. He sat there very squished as she continued to look for her lost friend. At this point in the saga I went up stairs to eat and when I came back he was no longer squished to the window. Now I have no idea what happened to him for all I know his final resting place is probably in Kiara's tummy. But anyway after she looked for him for quite awhile she started calling for him. Her meow was so pitiful and sad as she looked for her lost friend that if I could have given her another gnat I would have gladly obliged. I tried to explain to her that her friend was dead and he wasn't coming back but sadly I don't speak cat very well and the search for the lost friend continued. I think she has finally forgotten about the friend but it brought us lots and lots of laughter between finding the friend, to playing with the friend, to killing the friend, to trying to re-find the friend. So RIP Mr/Mrs Gnat we definitely appreciate you having a play day with our kitty cat! We look forward to meeting other family members and letting Kiara get up-close-and-personal with your extended family and friends.